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Bulls Eye - Oxbow - The Balls In The Great Meat Grinder Collection (CD)

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8 Thoughts to “ Bulls Eye - Oxbow - The Balls In The Great Meat Grinder Collection (CD) ”

  1. Volkis
    Dec 30,  · Initially released on vinyl in and then on CD the following year, Group Doueh's first formal album as such is actually a compilation drawing on literally decades of work by the band, led by Doueh himself, whose approach can be summed up (if somewhat oversimplified) as traditional music from his Western Sahara homeland, called Sahrawi music, played through the lens of classic '60s and .
  2. Kahn
    The Balls in the Great Meat Grinder Collection CD (compiles the albums King of the Jews and Fuckfest on a single CD, in that order): Pathological Records Fuckfest/King of the Jews 2CD (compiles the albums Fuckfest and King of the Jews in a two CD package): Crippled Dick Hot Wax Records Love That's Last CD/DVD (CD includes new, and previously released songs; DVD .
  3. Kajilmaran
    The Balls in the Great Meat Grinder Collection is an anthology by Oxbow, released in through Pathological Records. It collects the band's first two LPs, Fuckfest and King of the Jews, on a single CD. Track listing. All tracks are written by Oxbow.
  4. Nirn
    With titles like "King of the Jews" and "The Balls in the Great Meat Grinder Collection," it's not hard to fathom Oxbow's lack of fame. But you'd think the foursome would at least be known for their frontman-- if only for the hecklers he's beaten down in his day.
  5. Zolom
    As if these songs weren't exhausting enough, the CD reissue adds four more. These first two LPs were combined on The Balls In The Great Meat Grinder Collection (Pathological, ). This twisted blend of metal, punk, new wave, blues, electronic and chamber music led to the acid dirges of Let Me Be a Woman (Brinkman, ).
  6. Megore
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  7. Moogugis
    Followed by KING OF THE JEWS () (cfy), THE BALLS IN THE GREAT MEAT GRINDER COLLECTION () (pathological), LET ME BE A WOMAN () (brinkman/crippled dick hot wax) recorded by the estimable STEVE ALBINI, SERENADE IN RED (SST ()/CDHW ()) also recorded by ALBINI and GIBBS CHAPMAN (FAITH NO MORE, RED HOUSE PAINTERS), AN EVIL .
  8. Gujora
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